TECNOLAT S.p.A. became in a short time a leading company in study, design and production of equipments, machines and turn-key plants for food industries, focusing its activity mainly on dairy plants.
We are in Campania, a region in which mozzarella and pasta-filata cheeses are tradition and history, and where industries for production of tomato extracts and preserved food were born more than one century ago. In this context, human resources with long and deep experience in design, production, commissioning, start-up and service of complete plants are easily available.

Focusing on innovation and upgrading, TECNOLAT has established itself on the market as a quality Company, with “Made in Italy” expertise and development policies oriented to internationalization.

TECNOLAT success is based on a skilled and expert team of designers and engineers that, dealing continuously with the market, developed and tuned new and rational solutions. Our engineers periodically attend to seminars in Italy and abroad to improve and update their knowledge of machines and electronics, so to propose highly-advanced solutions such as remote assistance laboratory.

From 1992 until today, TECNOLAT has established itself worldwide as an efficient and reliable partner that supports the customer, considering his specific needs, in order to ensure the highest customization in design, production and service.

Tecnolat Azienda 1

At the moment TECNOLAT controls various companies in industrial design, iron carpentry, services and technical assistance for the food industry.
TECNOLAT has a modern indoor production facility of 5000 m2, an outdoor area of 7000 m2, and an office area of 1200 m2. Among the other facilities, in our factory we have:
• Electronic milling machines
• Electronic lathes
• Plasma cutting machines / Water cutting machines for cold cutting
• Tube to tube welding machines
• Plants for stainless steel welding
• Different sizes calenders
• Electric control panel design and manufacture department



Head office
Accounting Managing
Marketing Division
Customer Care
Engineering Team


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